Google Fonts Checker

Scan your website and discover where your font files are hosted.

What does this tool do?

This tool scans your website and returns a list of the font files used to render your page. The primary goal is to identify if you are referencing any files located on Google’s servers.

Why is this important?

Referencing font files hosted on external servers is no longer considered optimal, instead it is better to host them on your domain. There are two reasons why:

The first reason is user-privacy. When your website relies on an external service, some of your users data is transferred to the provider of that service. In the case of Google Fonts, a German court ruled that connecting to the Google Fonts API without user consent is a violation of GDPR –

The second reason is website speed. Locally hosted files can be optimized for the fastest delivery. Previously, it was considered optimal to use popular third-party APIs like Google Fonts because of browser caching, but because of a change in how browsers work named “Cache Partitioning” this is no longer the case.

How can I remove references to the Google Fonts API?

We’ve written a comprehensive guide here: How to Remove Google Fonts from WordPress