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Google Fonts Similar to Bebas Neue

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Bebas Neue is an open-source font designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa and released under his company Dharma Type. It features a single weight (regular) and is an all-caps font.

Prior to Bebas Neue, Ryoichi released a font named ‘Bebas’. In 2010 Bebas was re-designed and released as Bebas Neue. Both the original and the Neue version were both released with a license that allows the fonts to be used for free, both in personal and commercial applications.

Bebas Neue is an extremely popular font and has been downloaded over ten million times. In 2019 Ryoichi released a premium version named ‘Bebas Neue Pro’ which includes lowercase characters and five new weights.

Bebas Neue Pro is an extremely high quality font which does not come cheap. A web license will set you back around £150 per 10,000 page views.

Google Fonts Alternatives

There is an active thread requesting the inclusion of Bebas Neue in the Google Fonts library that has support from Ryoichi himself. That may one day become a reality, until then here is three similar fonts we found.

Oswald Medium

Oswald Comparison with Bebas Neue
Oswald Comparison

Roboto Condensed

Roboto Condensed Comparison with Bebas Neue
Roboto Condensed Comparison

Cabin Condensed

Cabin Condensed Comparison with Bebas Neue
Cabin Condensed Comparison