Fonts Plugin Free vs Pro Comparison

Fonts Plugin is the easiest way to customize the typography of your website.
Fonts Plugin Pro adds even more powerful optimization and customization features.

Fonts Plugin Pro

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Fonts Plugin Free

Use Google Fonts Customize your website using any of the 1000+ Google Fonts. Free for personal or commercial use.
Use Adobe Fonts The Adobe Fonts integration allows you to use any fonts from the Adobe Fonts library on your website.
Priority Support Pro users benefit from priority email support. All requests are responded to within 24 hours by an expert.
Host Google Fonts Locally Speed up your website by hosting and serving the files from your own domain instead of Google’s.
Optimized Font Loading Optimize performance by loading only the font weights you use. Up to 400% faster.
Upload Custom Fonts Upload your own font files and use them within WordPress.
Font Size Customize the font size of any element.
Font Color Customize the font color of any element.
Line-Height Improve readability by tweaking your line heights.
Letter Spacing Fine tune the space between letters to perfect your typography.
Text Transform Transform headings and text with a click, options include: Captitalize, UPPERCASE, and lowercase.
Font Preloading Improve website performance by loading font files as soon as the page loads.
Custom Elements Define your own elements and Fonts Plugin Pro will build the typography controls for you.