Baskerville Font

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Baskerville is one of the oldest fonts we have covered, it was designed in the 1750s by John Baskerville. Variants of the font are still included in both Windows and macOS operating systems to this day and it’s considered to be a web-safe font.

Microsoft Windows

The variant included in Windows is named ‘Baskerville Old Face’ and was released in 1992 by designer Isaac Moore.

Baskerville Old Face
Baskerville Old Face

Apple macOS

macOS includes a font simply named ‘Baskerville’, this is a 1923 revival of the original Baskerville typeface by the Monotype Design Studio.

Baskerville Font

The Kate Space logo is designed using another variation of the original Baskerville typeface named ‘ITC New Baskerville Roman‘.

kate space logo baskerville
Kate Spade Logo

Using Baskerville on Your Website

Baskerville is not very popular on the web, that’s likely down to it’s very traditional aesthetic. A lot of websites that use a serif-typeface instead opt for the more modern-looking Georgia.

As it’s a web-safe font you can use it on your website by simply adding it to the CSS code:

body {
  font-family: Baskerville, Baskerville Old Face, Hoefler Text, Garamond, Times New Roman, serif; 

Note: Due to the different naming conventions across operating systems, we have to include multiple fallback fonts.